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Novitool® Aero® Press Improves Splice Quality at Food Plant

Novitool® Aero® Portable Splice Press


Food Application Endless belts in a cookie plant 


Novitool® Aero® Portable Splice Press 


Improve quality and consistency of splices

Allow in-house crew to perform majority of repairs 

Conveyor Detail 

Two-ply urethane and cotton belting


The maintenance crew at a food operation was experiencing difficulties with the splice quality on an older, water-cooled press. Oftentimes, they would have to call on their distributor to install the splices because the equipment was not performing well on the cotton belts. This was very expensive and time-consuming as the distributor had to travel four hours to reach the plant for repairs.


The distributor developed one formula for both the two-ply urethane and two-ply cotton belting at the plant using the Novitool® Aero® Portable Splice Press. One formula would make it quicker and easier for the maintenance team to install splices throughout the plant. The in-house crew was amazed by the ease of use and short splice time with the Aero Press. Above all, they were impressed by the quality and consistency of the splices. 


The distributor now has an agreement with the customer to leave the Aero Press on site for the crew to use for repairs. The maintenance crew now completes 90 percent of the splice repairs at the plant, and the distributor trains the plant’s crew bi-annually and maintains the press when visiting for other repairs. 

Product Group

  • Endless Splicing Systems

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  • Novitool® Aero® Splice Press


  • Food Processing