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Endless Splicing Systems

Endless belt splicing creates strong, long-lasting splices through heat, pressure, and/or chemical bonding, for a truly seamless splice.

Conveyor Belt Endless Splice Press ToolEndless Conveyor Belt Splicing Tools

Flexco recommends the use of endless splicing tools for a variety of industries, including food processing, industrial baking, logistics, and more. Typical endless splicing tools include:

  • Finger punch – a mechanical finger tool designed to punch fingers into conveyor belts in preparation for installing an endless splice.  
  • Ply separator – a tool used to cut between the plies of the conveyor belt during belt splice preparation. This is helpful when preparing finger-over-finger splices and stepped splices, and for recessing mechanical fasteners.  
  • Splice press – a tool used to join belt ends together through heat and pressure. For best results, choose a splice press that works with your type of belting, whether it is PU, PVC, or monolithic.  

Creating the perfect endless splice is just a selection away with our complete line of Novitool® endless splicing tools.

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