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CoreTech HDPE Rollers

HDPE Cutaway

CoreTech™ HDPE Rollers are highly effective workhorses for the dirtiest, most abrasive environments. They are ideal for highly corrosive, acidic environments – including those with sulfuric acid.

Features and Benefits

  • Corrosion- and abrasion-resistant for long life
  • Lower running friction values, which can decrease power bills by up to 30 percent a year
  • Quieter than traditional rollers – noise contribution is +/- 10 dB  below metal
  • Construction offers safe, easy handling
  • Ribbed shell with inner core is ideal for medium- to heavy-duty applications


Available in 5” diameters for CEMA B, C, and D ratings


Durable enough for harsh environments, including those with sulfuric acid

We offer a different mix of product depending on your location. Please contact your regional office for ordering information.

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